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Lineage II

Fair Server

Made by players for players

Start playing

Server rates

It's x1 for everything. Classic grinding

EXP: x1 SP: x1 (party EXP bonus)

Adena: x1 Quest: x1

Drop: x1 Spoil: x1

Enchant: x1 Boss: x1

Two different servers to choose

* Lineigy Idle is the server where bots are allowed (Do more important stuff in real life while your character is training).

* Lineigy Tough is the server with nerfed mob grind but buffed quests, where bots are not allowed, two boxes limit. Single character tough gaming experience!

It's fair for everyone

There is no GM shop

There is no donation

We don't want your money. Just play.

All the quests and NPCs

We are constantly working on improvement of bug fixes in order to bring classic L2 Interlude gaming experience.

L2 OFF platform

We've fixed all known bugs and exploits. Still not perfect but we continue working on server improvements

Custom Vote Reward shop

We designed Vote Reward shop where players can get rewards for voting on lineage2 top lists. Please note that rewards not interfere balance.

✅ Lineigy Idle

online 70

check votes

✅ Lineigy Tough

everyone is too lame

check votes


1 - Register or Log In

Start by logging in to the system. Please make sure to use real email address, since email confirmation is neccessary in order to start playing.


2 - Select Server and Create game account

After successfull authentication, Game Accounts section becomes available on user profile. Select server type which is best for you. You can create as many Game Accounts as you wish. After creating your Game Account you're good to go.


3 - Download game client

After successfull authentication, downloads section becomes available. Full Lineage II Interlude client is available for download as well as just the System folder, for those who already has Interlude client installed. Please make sure to pick correct client for chosen server.